Trio Trabant december 7 Live on Youtube


New York 1:30 PM | Long Beach 10:30 AM | San Francisco 10:30 AM | Toronto 10:30 AM | Denver 11:30 AM | Seattle 10:30 AM |

What do you need?

  • youtube on smartphone, tablet or computer
  • emailadres
  • youtube-link (ticket)

How does it work?

  • For a youtube link (ticket € 5) order here. You will enter a theater site (Pletterij) in Dutch. Scroll to the bottom where you find: TRIO TRABANT 1st session – LIVE STREAM
  • Click in the ticket box 1 ticket (or more) and click ‘Bestel Tickets’
  • You enter the product-winkelmand (shopping basket) page with your order (1 or more tickets). To continue with a payment you click ‘Doorgaan naar Afrekenen’
  • You enter the page where you can pay (Afrekenen). At the bottom is a paypal button for payments from abroad. before you can pay you have to agree with the terms (algemene voorwaarden). At the bottom the page is a box you can tick for that.
  • Do the above no later than 60 minutes before the start
  • Immediately after ordering you will receive a confirmation via email, followed by a second email with a ticket and QR code. You don’t do anything with this, wait for an email with youtube link
  • You will receive a YouTube link by email around 30 minutes before the start
  • Click on the link, youtube opens, enjoy!